The winners are:

Science 54
H. Dorsch (Germany)

Arts 19
M. Schilli (Germany)

Unfolding visions

What can really differentiate you is the story behind your innovation. All innovations come with a hiSTORY. Do innovations happen by chance or by desire? Regardless of how they come about they all require people to think boldly in directions others have not thought about before. These stories behind your innovation can often find an audience wider than the innovation itself. tories provide reasons for an audience to be attentive to a message. They link facts to emotions, facts alone say little, however, within the context of a story they stimulate emotions and when people’s emotions are stimulated this translates into action.

When your audience is the consumer, they want to hear success stories, they want stories they can relate to, stories which reflect their life, their struggle and their desire to be healthy. They want stories which build relationships to them, stories from likeminded people carry more weight than flashy advertising campaigns.

When your audience are investors, they want envisaged success stories for the future. Investors buy more than stocks and shares, they buy stories for their future, stories they want to be a part of, stories which will bring them prestige. 

The Story Behind® Your Innovation

Manna's worldwide team of highly intelligent, scientific, artistic and information technology professionals transforms your company's story into a message that strikes emotional and cultural chords with local communities across the globe because we speak their local dialect as fluently as we speak yours. Any buying decision is enhanced when the message feels like a trusted friend is telling it. Manna's unique strength is its team of highly accomplished individuals who choose to place as high a value on integrity and social connectivity as on their subject matter knowledge.

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