The winners are:

Science 54
H. Dorsch (Germany)

Arts 19
M. Schilli (Germany)

Delicacies for inquisitive people

The hidden facets and private backgrounds of famous scientists and their discoveries have inspired us to invite you to participate in our journey through the history of science! manna communications has launched "The Story Behind® Science" a science based quiz series on scientists and serendipities. Science makers as well as pioneering discoveries are being presented from an unknown and most exciting perspective and the puzzles are composed by well established experts and authors in the history of science.

A special feature of “The Story Behind® Science is the presentation of so called serendipities. “The Three Princes of Serendip“ was written by Horace Walpole in 1745. This fairytale describes people discovering things they hadn’t set out to find, thereby coining the term ’serendipity’. In science, this word is used when a chance discovery is made. ’Serendip’ is believed to be derived from ’Ceylon’, modern day Sri Lanka.

“The Story Behind® Science” gets published bimonthly. At the beginning of every second month the solution of the preceding quiz is published as well as a new exciting story. All submitted entries will be placed in a raffle, in which you can win three books about science history – signed by the original author (excluding all legal actions).We would like to wish you a lot of fun and luck!

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