The winners are:

Science 54
H. Dorsch (Germany)

Arts 19
M. Schilli (Germany)


Please find below the CV's of our authors:


Robyn Arianrhod

Robyn Arianrhod - mathematician and author - has gained wide recognition through her recent publication Einstein's Heroes: Imagining the World...more


Thomas Deichmann

A graduate in engineering, Thomas Deichmann has achieved notable success as a freelance journalist contributing to Focus, Die Welt, Financial Times...more


Detlef Ganten

Detlev Ganten came to prominence as a research scientist in the field of hypertension, elucidating fundamental mechanisms in the development of high...more


Stephan Heymann

will be completed soon 


Robert Kaplan

Robert Kaplan has taught philosophy, Greek, German, Sanskrit and, most famously, mathematics. Recently based at Harvard University, he has founded and...more

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