The winners are:

Science 54
H. Dorsch (Germany)

Arts 19
M. Schilli (Germany)


Joseph Mazur

Professor of Mathematics at Marlboro College, Vermont, USA, Joe Mazur takes his cue from Aristotle, who believed that mathematics meant "any subject worthy of knowledge". Joe's teaching and publishing scope consequently stretches far beyond math to its history and philosophy.After gaining a doctorate in mathematics from M.I.T., Joe first rose to prominence as author of the world's first interactive, multimedia calculus simulation 'Explorations in Calculus'. Most recently, his latest book "Euclid in the rainforest" has been nominated for the prestigious 2005 PEN prize for non-fiction to be awarded in New York on May 23. In it, Euclid and rainforests are presented as metaphors of two contrasting approaches to math; Euclid representing logical, mechanistic assumption building, while the rainforest presents the reader with exciting, chance observations in our rich and complex world leading us to 'clearings' and mathematical clarity.Visit Joseph Mazur 


Nr. 55 October 2011
Nr. 53 September 2010
Nr. 51 May 2009
Nr. 44 October 2007
Nr. 40 April 2007
Nr. 27 March 2006
Nr. 20 October 2011
Nr. 17 October 2009
Nr. 16 April 2005
Nr. 10 September 2007

Winners Gifts

Nr. 55 What's Luck Got To Do With It?
Nr. 51 The Motion Paradox
Nr. 44 The Motion Paradox
Nr. 40 The Motion Paradox
Nr. 27 Euclid in the Rainforest
Nr. 20 What's Luck Got To Do With It?
Nr. 17 The Motion Paradox
Nr. 16 Euclid in the Rainforest
Nr. 10 The Motion Paradox

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